26.000 m²

Floor Space


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Annual ProductIon PIeces

FETIH TEKSTIL was established in Istanbul in 1996.
It is a leading company in its sector that offers high quality services as a solution partner.

The company has a dynamic organization where sampling is quick and production is effective. A highly skilled workforce with IE department working to increase efficiency and competetiveness. The company produce all kinds of knitted of knitted garment (women, men and children) for well-known labels in Europe.


In Egypt and Turkey

TAHA GROUP is a vertically integrated full service apparel manufacturing group of companies located in Turkey and Egypt.

As a member of Taha Group

Excellent Quality and Service

Fetih Tekstil / Malatya, is one of the jersey non-denim knitting garment manufacturing companies of Taha Group with its modern factory in Malatya, 1120 km south-east of Istanbul. It’s one of the most developed and largest factory in the region with the flexible and efficient in-house production capability geared to serve internationaly well-known brands that look for best service.


Closeness ensures time delivery, enables you to place RPT orders more easily, and provides you with the opportunity to visit frequently. Closeness reduces costs and increases your work speed and the control you have over your business.The most important benefit of closeness might be cultural rather than geographical. Turkey’s borders start where the eastern borders of Europe end. The country is accustomed to the needs and the facts of the textile markets in Western, North Europe and America. Because of our location, we have long-lasting relationships in these markets and a lot of experience as a result of this.

As Fetih Tekstil, we take it into account that this advantage needs to reflect on the outcome of business.