Fetih Academy, founded in the body of Fetih Textile, is a structure aimed at the continuous development of the human resources of the textile industry.

Various training channels are used. Coaching, action plans, experience sharing, online and classroom trainings make the learning process continuous in the business environment

The Human Resources Unit is planning development activities on the basis of business needs. Internal trainers from different departments and professional external trainers in business life make an important contribution to the creation of training solutions compatible with Fetih Tekstil’s dynamics.

Fetih Academy Goals:

  • Information linked to our business strategies,
  • Trainings in the lifelong learning model,
  • Programs that support the creation and development of the necessary competencies,
  • Programs that improve business performance and ensure continuity,
  • A proactive academy program in which the institutional contribution of learners is continuously improved.

As Fetih Textile, our vision to create branding and making difference makes our academy programs power-packed. Our academies are in the process of providing training for all our employees in accordance with their job descriptions and competencies in the organization.

Vocational and Technical Development Programs:

We are organizing training programs in all the issues we need to improve the knowledge and skills of our employees in the vocational and technical fields. The technical subjects to be taken by each unit are determined and the trainings given by the experts who are suitable for these topics are organized.

Programs for personal development and motivation:

The trainings given by specialists on topics such as personal development, communication, motivation that all of our employees require are important contributions to our employees in line with our lifelong learning philosophy.

Leadership development programs:

Our training programs aim to contribute to the development of situational leadership skills of our in-house leaders. We aim to harmonize our educational activities with our vision and strategies with the Academy model.