Our Human Resources policy is designed to employ individuals who are professionally-competent, aligned with our corporate values, keeping pace with change, at peace with themselves and with others, versatile, eager to develop themselves, motivated, enthusiastic and curious and to provide them with the necessary resources and a workplace to ensure that they are happy, efficient and creative employees.

Apply to work in Fetih Tekstil;

White Collar

Candidates can apply for the available positions via

Blue Collar

Candidates can apply by directly visiting our factory and filling the employment questionnaire.

All the job applications made on our website will be examined and considered.

Our Human Resources Policy Is Aimed At;

  • Finding the right employee for the right job, considering the job-required skills and needs,
  • Providing employees with a workplace where they can have opportunities for continuing training and self-development,
  • Help employees plan and develop their careers in line with the organizational needs,
  • Creating an attractive workplace by implementing practices that motivate employees,
  • Becoming a reputable and reliable employer brand, with the contributions of our employees who proudly represent our business and reflect its values,
  • Respecting humans and nature by focusing on ensuring employee health and safety and protecting our natural environment,
  • Developing systems for preventing workplace accidents,
  • Enhancing collaborations with our employees,
  • Prioritizing Work Health and Safety and Environmental Protection in our projects,
  • Getting organized in a way that makes us able to intervene in emergency situations,
  • Treating our customers with transperancy.