As solution partner of the textile companies setting fashion trends and in line with our vision to become a entrepreneurial, innovative and unique brand, we have launched the Design and R&D Center. We aim at satisfying the expectations of our customers by producing distinctive, innovative and inspirational works of the highest quality at our Center.

  • The team of the Design and Research and Development Center holds meetings with the team leaders to develop new ideas. They produce innovative and unique works.
  • It collaborates with the Fetih Academy to implement the intra-company expertise and guidance projects.
  • The team of the Design and R&D Center follows fashion trends closely and participates in fairs in the country and abroad.
  • It designs and manufactures health-friendly and recyclable products for environmentally-sustainable production processes and efficient use of resources.
  • With the 3D design program, we are able to save time and materials to our customers by fitting pattern in drawings and testing their applicability on virtual environment moving avatars.