You may reach Fetih Tekstil 2019 Sustainability Report which was held third time from on our website.

TWe are aiming for ourselves to develop and support sustainability in both Turkey and all are as where we act, in line with the vision of being a pioneer and ready wear manufacturer brand in the sector with its entrepreneurial, innovative and respected identity. We submit our annual sustainability reports to all stake holders by shaping our activities in this direction.

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It is our most important duty to leave a habitable and undamaged living environment to the next generations.

By controlling the emissions that occur during our business activities, we are conducting studies on emission reduction methods. Based on these studies, we have identified environment-friendly targets for the next 3-years in order to protect the environment and improve our energy performance..

We aim to make our energy sources sustainable. To achieve this, we have set out goals and targets to improve our energy performance by 10% until the end of 2020, taking 2016 as the base year. In addition, we search for the uses of efficient energy technologies that will reduce our environmental impact..

With our principle of“Plan, Apply, Control, Take Precautions”, we replaced the majority of our machines engines by energy saving engines ,this facilitating economic development and social prosperity without reducing the quantity and quality of production. We focus on working without damaging the environment. These four words that start with R; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover, is the key motto for our company that guides our work.

BAll the wastes generated in our company are kept under control and recovered by trustworthy companies without harming the environment. In order to do our part as a company on climate change, we have initiated efforts to calculate our Total Direct and Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions, taking 2016 as the base year.

We wish to move forward with responsible individuals who care about the environment and protect it. In this regard, training of our employees is highly important to us, and for this purpose, we continue to train all of our employees with innovative training methods by Fetih Textiles experts.

We sincerely took our steps towards the road to success. We want our Environmental Performance to be sustainable. For this, we worked actively to improve us for a whole year in the light of HIGG INDEX ENVIRONMENTAL MODULES and our goal is to do better after that..