In our way to achieve our main goals of empowering our people, product and production, lean thinking has been adopted as our main philosophy in our management system. Our people are more happy because they know their goals and get rid of many unnecessary works. We increased our product quality, at the same time improved the lead times. And most important we become more sustainable by having less waste in both the materials we used and the process.

While most of lean production is about process and philosophy, we found our lean office and together with Fetih Academy we put an intensive training program to every member of our family. This process started by having an agreement with the lean institution in Turkey and work together on 5 years plan to make sure we apply all lean phases required to have a new lean culture.

By creating the value flow we identify our critical processes and eliminate every step create waste.We showed our people how important to pull the production rather than push it.

ASAKAI which mean morning meetings has become a must every day where targets, problems and solutions discussed by every member of the team. A new philosophy and a new management system, towards a new culture.


We added value to our company by revealing and reducing the wastes and point of insecure working .


We created process-driven systematic plan to be able to fit our routine operations to our strategic goals.


We applied 5s methodology to optimize our performance, security ,comfort and cleaning. Besides, we aimed to reduce wastes and variability by providing a clean and organized workplace.


We built Kaizen System with continuous improvement perspective in our all departments.


We improved our pruduction, security, and quality systems by scheduling maintenance program of our value-added machines and equipment.

Standard Operating Procedure

We prepared Standart Operating Procedure of our all operations in order to minimize variability, and get every time the same result by doing every task with same method and order .

Value Stream Mapping

We mapped stream of value added and non-value added operations which are present to create product and service. We also make target-driven improvement by drawing future value stream mapping.

Continuous Flow

To be able to transform raw materials, material s and parts to product without any waiting and in this way, we provided to get improvement in key performance indicators such as productivity, cost, stock level, lead time , adaptation to demand variabilities, production right first time.

Quality Problem Report

We tried to find solution for every problem we have by using root cause analysis.We use Quality Problem Report technique in order to standardize and extend the solutions as well.

Visual Management

We use visual mangement methods for following realized performance and field management.


To make our company successfull ,besides continuous improvement culture, we also use A3 problem solving method for increasing quality and afficieny.