As Fetih Textile Industry Trade Limited Company and its employees, we provide a healthy and safe working environment within the framework of Occupational Health and Safety procedures based on continuous development, in compliance with national and international legal legislations and regulations.

  • To comply with the legal regulations on OHS that we are subject to;
  • To prevent the risks before they occur by eliminating the processes and equipment from our working environment that constitute OHS hazards,
  • To protect our employees and visitors from the hazards they may be exposed to;
  • We take necessary precautions and provide the necessary training and awareness to prevent injury and health deteriorations that may arise from these hazards.

Our aim is to increase efficiency by;

  • Creating emergency action plans and sharing these plans with neighboring organizations and legal officers and authorities,
  • Providing emergency team training – first aid training by creating emergency teams in order to determine the course of action of the teams in possible emergency situations,
  • Planning fire and evacuation drills every 6 months and educating the employees on the use of fire equipment by raising awareness about fires,
  • Having the maintenance and annual periodic checks of the equipment performed by authorized institutions
  • Eliminating possible insufficiencies and minimizing dangerous situations.
  • Organizing the ergonomic – physical – thermal comfort conditions required by the employees based on the environmental measurement results performed by the authorized institutions and to take necessary precautions according to the regulations,
  • Evaluating OHS hazards, keeping them under control and developing projects on issues with high risks and minimize these with engineering applications after analyzing health and safety hazards that may arise within the working environment,
  • Organizing basic and advanced occupational health and safety training activities to establish and develop Occupational Health and Safety awareness,
  • Conducting worksite surveillance continuously to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases completely,
  • Taking the views of employees through health and safety board meetings.