To implement all practices accurately and in the most efficient way that are required to monitor, plan, upload and check the online operations for obtaining the target product quality, which satisfy customers standards.

Our  Department consists of  inline inspectors and  quality controllers whose only principle is to achieve  high level quality.

Our Quality Convention

  • Determining the risks at the initial sampling stage and providing the solutions before bulk production starts
  • To check the fabrics held in the warehouse and if any faults found are out of an acceptable tolerance they are then to be rejected and quarantined so as not to be used
  • Fabric is tested for weight, width, colour continuity and shrinkage to ensure they meet the required standards under laboratory conditions
  • To hold  meetings with all the team members  for every style to discuss the technical details and final appearance of the garment and to proceed throughtout all the necessary stages (cutting, printing, embroidery, stitching. Laundry etc) without any mistakes and with a smooth continuous flow
  • Approval or rejection  at every  production stage therefore ensuring the processes are continued with product safety in mind
  • To arrange quality assessment  reports  and carrying out improvements according to the findings of the reports
  • To ensure all goods shipped are AQL inspected and achieve the high standards expected by our customers